Download videos from M3U8 to your computer

Due to popular demand,
we built a step-by-step visual guide to help you download and save M3U8 video format links.

You will need to have VLC media player on your computer.
Most modern computers already have it. If you don't, you can get it here.

Its free, do not pay for it! :)

Follow the below steps to learn how. OR Watch this VIDEO Tutorial (NEW!) .

This guide assumes you already have an M3U8 link copied. Something like this: 1c656738.m3u8?guids=205b3c96-d7e7-4264ca70_1

STEP 1 -

  • Open VLC media player
  • Click on MEDIA
  • Reference:

    STEP 2 -

  • Click on the NETWORK tab on top
  • Right-click in the text box and PASTE the M3U8 link here
  • Reference:

    STEP 3 -

  • DO NOT click on the Play button!
  • Click the small arrow beside the Play button and select CONVERT
  • Reference:

    STEP 4 -

  • Now you will see a box like the one below.
  • Don't change anything here. Just click BROWSE.
  • Reference:

    STEP 5 -

  • A pop box will appear like the one below.
  • Just write any name for your video, like say.. MyVideo
  • Now click on the SAVE button.
  • Reference:

    STEP 6 -

  • That's it. Now click on the START button.

  • Reference:

    STEP 7 -

  • Now you will get a box like this and it will start loading a blue bar as you can see below.
  • Don't do anything now. Don't try to play it or mess it up. Leave it to download until the entire bar becomes blue.
  • Reference:

    STEP 8 -

  • To check if its working, you can go to the folder where you chose to save the file. Press F5 to refresh the folder.
  • Don't Open it, just HOVER your mouse on top of it to see the file size. It will keep increasing.
  • When the blue bar reaches till the end, you can then open the downloaded file.
  • Reference:

    That's it! :)

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