Frequently Asked Questions

Below is what most people are asking. If you can't find an answer to your problem, write to us. We usually respond within 24hrs.

What is TubeOffline for?
Not everybody has high-speed internet. Some people cannot watch online videos due to their slow/unreliable internet connection or incompatible browsers; thus making the experience of viewing a video online terrible.

TubeOffline helps you convert a video to MP4/FLV format and download it so you don't have to buffer it online.

I converted and downloaded a video but I cannot play it with my media player. Help!
Use VLC player it plays all formats.
Most new computers already have it installed.

If you dont have it, you can get it free here .
Try it and let us know if you still face any issues.

What browser works best with TubeOffline?
Our site works best with Google Chrome .
Try it and let us know if you still face any issues.

Some converters ask me to add a BOOKMARKLET. Is this OK?
Yes. Don't worry its safe to add it, we created this as an easier alternative to JAVA for those of you who can't work-out how to setup JAVA.

It is needed to convert some kinds of video files. You only need to add it once; after that you will be able to convert with 1 click.

There is simple instruction on how to add the BOOKMARKLET here.

How can i Thank You for this Awesome Free service?
Help us spread the word about TubeOffline!
Write a blog about it or tell your buddies, your family or whoever you think may benefit from it.

The more people who use the site, the more developers we can hire to build more converters for everyone to use Free.

Less people means less support and possibly closing the site or making it subscription-based, which we are trying to avoid because we love everything FREE! :)

And when you run out of friends, donate. :)

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