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If you STILL get an error, It could be ONE of the below reasons:
  • Your video URL is incorrect.
    ==> Make sure to visit that URL first to ensure there is a video appearing there before you try it on TubeOffline.

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  • Your video URL has a PRIVATE video.
    ==> Only VK private videos are downloadable at the moment.
    If you have a link to private video on another site, try this method it may work for your site.

  • Your video URL is correct but you are using WRONG downloader.
    ==> If you have a PUTLOCKER video link, then use PUTLOCKER downloader.
    Facebook video link? Use Facebook downloader. OK? :)

  • The downloader is down and needs to be updated.
    ==> If you are 100% sure your link is correct and still won't download, then that downloader is down.
    LET US KNOW so we fix it.

  • We usually respond within 24-48hrs. Use the HELP button on the topbar.

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