Save videos from Tube8 to your computer

To download this video from Tube8 , follow below 3 super easy steps:

STEP 1 - DRAG & DROP our free Bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar

Most of you already have it. If you do, Skip to Step 2.

If not, simply move your mouse on top of this: DL with TubeOffline and then DRAG it to your bookmarks bar and DROP it there.

(If you don't know how, see quick tutorial for Chrome or Firefox . Fan-made video tutorial here.)

STEP 2 - PREVIEW your video on the Tube8 website.

Click the below special link to preview the Tube8 video you want to download:

NOTE 1: --

NOTE 2: If it keeps bringing you back to this page with same special link, make sure video is playing first THEN click on DL with TubeOffline bookmarklet.

(WAIT...see step 3 before you click it)

STEP 3 - CLICK on the "DOWNLOAD with TubeOffline" bookmarklet

After you click on the above link, make sure the video is playing, then click on the DL with TubeOffline bookmarklet (which should now be on your bookmarks bar).

That's it! It will take you to a page to download your video! :)
If you face any issue with it, contact us we usually fix most issues within 24 hours.

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